The A1R of Hoover Mold Removal Difference

Commercial & Residential Fast Emergency Services

For mold issues in both residential and commercial properties, one of the best companies to call to restore your home is Action1Restoration of Hoover. Our local teams have years of experience dealing with mold and we can help you with mold in your home or your business. Given the unique demands that these projects have, we make sure we complete these types of jobs as efficiently as we can. The work we provide and perform is of the highest quality in order to restore your home properly. Our commitment to providing the finest service can be seen in our strong and proven track record. For quick assistance, call Action1Restoration of Hoover now.

Mold Inspections

Mold in your home or business needs to be removed in a methodical way. Our experts first inspect your home to find any mold infestations. After we complete this task, they will then begin the mold removal. Areas that had mold will then be disinfected as the last step. Your home is left clean and completely free of mold.

Experienced Services

You can't have a qualified service if you don't have the expertise to support it. This is why we go all out to make sure our team is trained and effective in their jobs. And yes, we do a background check as well as motivate and train our members using only the highest standards. But you will clearly see the experience of our company through our mold removal experts.

Specialty Equipment

Our company uses technology that is state-of-the art, which allows us to render mold removal services that are second to none. Our company uses state-of-the-art equipment and implement solutions that are economically friendly. The industry is constantly changing, which is why we continue to learn and stay in the know with what's new, which in turn allows us to continue to offer quality services.

Highly Trained

Our specialists know exactly how to approach the problem. They have the know-how necessary to make a reliable assessment of your property for mold-related damage. They have an extensive knowledge of the different types of mold and they can use such knowledge to determine what equipment and procedures will work best for you. We place a high value on ongoing training and certifications that our team members need to have.

Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Hoover For Mold Services!

We offers our service at any time of day or night. Emergencies rarely happen when they'd be convenient, and they have a knack of happening when you're not prepared and unsure of how to handle them. Our 24/7 services and staff are always ready and available to help you. When contacting us, be sure to tell our staff anything you can about the kind of mold issues and extent of damage that has been caused by the mold problem. When you provide us this important information, it helps our team to be better prepared to handle your mold outbreak situation with the proper tools and equipment. You need your problem to be resolved immediately. Having the right information can help us achieve this quickly.

Some of the emergency services that we offer include:

  • Assessment of damage and cost estimate
  • Contain all affected areas
  • Elimination of moisture sources and flooding
  • Remove dead mold
  • Inventory possessions affected by mold - household possessions and property

How We Handle Commercial Mold Remediation

Action 1 Restoration has been offering restoration services for many years and has provided our customers with outstanding service. We are confident that we can provide you with the best option for any kind of mold problem you might have, whether it is a large scale mold problem in your workplace or a mold problem has started to happen in your house. Over the many years we have dealt with mold infestations, we have beat every type we have encountered. We wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point.

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