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Commercial & Residential Fast Emergency Services

Dealing with a mold problem should only be handled by IICRC trained experts that understand the process for remediation and removal. Action1Restoration of Dothan is one of the most experienced industry leaders in Dothan AL. As one of the Alabama's most popular property restoration companies, we know precisely what it takes to restore your property to top condition. We have highly trained personnel to deal with mold growth, and our staff uses a proven process that has been guaranteed to remove both invisible and visible mold. If you would like to have the finest mold removal service that money can buy, then Action1Restoration in Dothan is the team for you. You will need to get the mold tested and then we offer free estimates and emergency services! Contact our team today to learn about the mold removal services that we offer!

Mold Inspections

Eliminating mold must be systematic and follow the standard process. Our team inspects your home for any traces of black mold. Once the inspection is complete, they will start on removing the mold. All areas are disinfected so that the mold will not regrow. Your home is left free of mold and as clean as possible.

Experienced Services

There is nothing more important to us than exceptional customer service and expert technical skills. Once you make use of our talents, you don't just the best service possible, but we also provide you with all the necessary assistance during the process. The years we have spent serving the community will be obvious in the way we approach every project.

Specialty Equipment

Getting rid of mold on your own isn't safe. Instead, you should give us a call so that we can use our cutting-edge products and techniques to safely get rid of mold colonies. If needed, we can use air filters or dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in your home or place of business and remove the conditions that caused mold to appear and grow. Using these modern techniques allows you to get optimal results every time.

Highly Trained

Our specialists know exactly how to approach the problem. They have the know-how necessary to make a reliable assessment of your property for mold-related damage. They have an extensive knowledge of the different types of mold and they can use such knowledge to determine what equipment and procedures will work best for you. We place a high value on ongoing training and certifications that our team members need to have.

Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Dothan For Mold Services!

During your emergencies we offer to respond promptly. Mold and asbestos can be very serious and we act fast to help ensure your safety. In most cases, you'll have to get the mold inspected as well as tested, and we've certainly got the resources to do exactly that.

Emergency services we include:

  • Damage assessments and estimates
  • Eliminate moisture source
  • Containment of the affected area
  • Dead mold removal
  • Inventory and dispose household goods and personal possessions that have been infected

Our Process to Remove the Mold

Action1Restoration of Dothan can handle all types of mold that might be growing inside of your house. We have worked on large and small mold removal jobs. Our team uses a thorough process for successful mold elimination. We use the most recent, eco-friendly, and safe mold removal methods and equipment. We always follow a highly systematic process in order to get rid of unwanted mold. Our Dothan associates wear uniforms while conducting the best solutions for eliminating your mold issue. To determine which areas require treatment, they inspect your property first. After we have been identified, we will then eliminate the mold and treat the infested areas using the best solutions and cleaners. The final step is to make sure all treated areas are disinfected and then apply sealants so that moisture is prevented from getting into your property. The problem is prevented from reoccurring by the sealants.

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